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History of the site

The Spanish Succession first came online in early 2003. The oldest sections are the timeline chapters, which present events in a chronological order. After that came sections about warfare, battles and the economy. Most pages on this site thus date from 2003. In 2004 I made some of the battle descriptions more authorative, especially the chapters about the Blenheim campaign, Oudenaarde and Lille. 2005 saw major improvements in some biographies and the creation of the Turin pages. In the first part of 2006 I further improved the quality of some sections, especially those about politics. In the second half of 2006 I began to use still more primary sources, notably the Heinsius correspondence.

About the technical aspects

In 2018 the site is getting migrated to html5. For that I used the IDE Atom and Dirty Markup an online tool that gets pages to a semblance of html5. After that I validated with W3C Markup Validation Service.

The migration was the moment that all attempts to follow guidelines and all previous validations on html4 paid out. It made the technical aspect of the upgrade to html5 surprisingly easy.

Of course this does not transform html4 in html5. For that I started to use <artcile> and <section> tags. The details will be filled in with increased experience of html5.

The current version of this site uses only html and CSS. The source has two elements in this order: the content (positioned relatively) and the left-menu. The z-index property then sets the stack order so the content is represented to the right.

The first version of the site was created using notepad. What I like about hand coded sites are the ease of maintenance and the fact (not that relevant anymore) that they download easier. The whole site should be valid html 4.01 or valid html 5.