The French and Spanish Infantry Order Of Battle at Ramillies

French and Spanish Infantry order of Battle at Ramillies

This is the order of Battle of the French and Spanish Netherlands infantry at Ramillies. It's based on the oob found in Pelet Volume 6 for 15 May 1706. It gives a total of 72 battalions, but specifies only 70. This may very well be due to a transcription error by Pelet with regard to the Spanish battalions of the second line. For the infantry one can reasonably presume it to be the same as that of 23 May 1706.

For the miniature wargamers this table is of course interesting, but for historians this is even more the case. History often speaks about the Franco-Bavarian army at Ramillies. As the table shows the French troops indeed formed the majority of the troops. The designation Franco-Bavarian is however very wrong and should be Franco-Spanish or Franco-Burgundian or even 'Bourbon'. This for the simple reason that there were more Spanish Netherlands than 'Bavarian' battalions in this army.