The French and Spanish Cavalry Order Of Battle at Ramillies

French and Spanish Cavalryy order of Battle at Ramillies

This is the order of Battle of the French and Spanish Netherlands cavalry at Ramillies. It's founded on the oob found in Pelet Volume 6 for 15 May 1706. It gives a total of 109 squadrons. For the cavalry one cannot presume that it's the same as that of 23 May 1706. The question is whether the twenty squadrons that preceded Marsin's detachment on its return to Flanders had already joined the main force.

A lot of authors state that the twenty squadrons which preceded Marsin's march to the Spanish Netherlands had joined Villeroy's army. There are however very few indications that this was the case. One would need direct mentions of regiments which were present at Ramillies, and were not on the 15 May 1706 Order of Battle. Up till now I only found mention of the Desmarets regiment. This might be explained by all the other regiments of this detachment being brought to the left wing, and some of the left being employed on the right, but this is mere conjecture. We therefore have to assume that the 15 May 1706 OOB reflects the Ramillies deployment. This with regard to the units present as well as the right wing / left wing division. The only exception to this might be Souternon mentioning the Cano regiment as having fought.