Initial Deployment at the battle of Ramillies

Deployment at the battle of Ramillies

After comparing several sources I have made this map of the battlefield of Ramillies and the deployment of troops. An aspect that is certainly correct on this map are the height lines. The darkest color indicates terrain higher than 150 meters. In the north the white indicates terrain lower than 125 meters, and in the south it is the height line nearest the rivers (the latter has been interpreted more liberally). The height in between is yellow.

Based on computations and Goslinga's account 69 battalions of Alliance infantry are ranged in three lines. The detachment sent to take the position near Taviers has already been sent on its way while the detachment for Ramillies still has to be formed. On the right the Alliance had two Cavalry lines of 33 and 21 squadrons, while on the left it had two lines of 26 and 22 squadrons who would soon be joined by 21 Danish squadrons still deployed in reserve somewhat to the east.

On the French side one can be quite sure of the 9 battalions around and directly behind Ramillies itself. The battalion behind the Visoule is also certain. Some battalions are shown as defending Offus, but their number is not clear. Based on guesswork and a statement that Autre Eglise was in front of some infantry I have placed the French infantry on two lines with the left wing cavalry of 50 squadrons partly behind it. On the right the French have the majority of their cavalry with 29 squadrons each in the first and second lines and 6 squadrons stuffed between them. Behind the second line there were 14 Dragoon Squadrons.