The Ribaucourt regiment

Ribaucourt Cavalry regiment
A.k.a. Malta
castle of raimbeaucourt
Ribaucourt caste in Raimbeaucourt was
was built in 1642 and later on. It was the
main seat of the lords of Ribaucourt, it's
now: Gîte Le château in Raimbeaucaourt
Commanded by:
Gaspar de Espinosa17 Oct. 1688
Ditto as Ribaucourtc. 1693
Diego de Los Rios1703
Francisco Lafarinac. April 1717

1 de Ribaucourt (Espinosa)

1.1 The d'Espinosa family

Don Diego Gomez comte de Espinosa was knight of the order of St. Jacques, member of the supreme council of war, Mestre de Camp General of the Spanish Netherlands and appointed governor of Antwerpen Castle on 25 September 1693. Diego Gomez died on 24 January 1694, and on account of his high rank he was probably not our first colonel. Diego Gomez comte de Espinosa married Marie-Marguerite d'Aubremont and got Gaspard Antoine de Espinosa. The brother of Marie Marguerite was Charles Ignace d'Aubermont created Baron de Ribaucourt in 1659 and Gaspard d'Espinosa was his sole heir 1.

The work of SAMANIEGO was the first research on the history of the Spanish regiments. It stated about the Malta regiment that it was created in 1689 for Don Gaspard Gomez d'Espinosa and that Don Francisco de La Farina was its colonel in 1718 when it got renamed to 'Malta'. From finding that Gaspard Antoine de Espinosa became Comte de Ribaucourt, I concluded that the d'Espinosa tercio became the Ribaucourt regiment.

This became certain after reading about: 'Don Gaspard de Espinosa, Comte de Ribaucourt, brigadier des Armées de Sa Majesté Catholique, & Colonel de Cavalerie 2. Later I found that this regiment was indeed known by the name Espinosa as well as Ribaucourt 3. If we look into the orders of battle, this becomes much clearer. Before 1694 the regiment is called 'Espinosa'. From 1694 it's called Ribaucourt, and it has to do with the death of Charles Ignace d'Aubermont, making Gaspard Comte de Ribaucourt. This demise happened in the 1690's according to the Archives historiques et littéraire du Nord de la France.

1.2 The Espinosa regiment

On 17 October 1688 Don Gaspar Gomez de Espinosa was appointed as Maestre de Campo 4. He started to recruit, and after being reviewed on 10 January 1689, the regiment was added to the army of the Spanish Netherlands.

In October 1689 the 'Spinose' regiment was in the OOB near Ateren Schlachtordnung der holländischen Armee gegen die Franzosen bei Ateren den 6. Oktober 1689. Note that it was at the lowest ranking place (the left) of the Spanish part of the second line, this is consistent with it being new at the time. In August 1690 the Spinosa regiment was in the second line of the OOB near Halle with htree squadrons Campement de l'Armée de Confederes d'auprès de Halle, du 13/23 Aoust 1690. In September 1690 the Bettancourt regiment was in the OOB near St Quintin Lynnecke Schlachtordnung der holländischen Armee bei St. Quintin Lynnecke, 1690, fielding 3 squadrons.

In 1691 the Spinosa regiment was in the alliance OOB Alliierte Armeen in Braband unter dem Commando Ihro Maiest. König Wilhelm Von Engeland im jahr Christii 1691, fielding 2 squadrons. Also in 1691 the 'Espinassa Dorbée' regiment was in the alliance OOB Front de l'armée, really an untitled OOB of the alliance near Lembeck and Halle, with three squadrons. Also in 1691 the 'Espinosa' regiment was in the alliance OOB Bataille, wie solche unter Ihr. König. Maystt. König Wilhelm von Engelland, wieder die Frantzosen in Braband bei Didenhofen, 1691, gestanden, probably an OOB of the alliance near Thionville, with two squadrons. In June 1691 the Espinosa regiment was in the alliance OOB Sterckte van de Armee soo als de gecampeert geweest is to Oprebayx den juni 1691, an OOB of the alliance near Oprebayx, with two squadrons.

In 1692 the 'Spinosa' regiment was in the alliance OOB L'Armee du roy d'Angleterre commandée par sa Majeste Britanique en l'an 1692 with 1 squadron. On 24 June 1692 the Spinosa regiment was in the alliance OOB D'Armé ordert beleijt van sijn conincklijche Majesteijt gecampeert de Mellê den 24. Junii 1692 with 1 squadron. On 6 July 1692 the Spinosa regiment was in the alliance OOB Camp de Genappe Le 6me de Juilet 1692 near Genappe. On 24 July 1692 the Spinosa regiment was in the alliance OOB Bataille der Allyrten Armée wieder die Frantzosen vor Namur in Braband den 24. Julii 1692 gestanden near Namur. On 2 August 1692 the Spinosa regiment was in the alliance OOB Campement tot Limbeck op den 2 Augustus 1692 near Limbeek.

In 1693 there is a Spinosa Squadron in the first line of the main army OHC 9 July 1693. In 1694 the Spinosa is mentioned in the first line of the OOB.

1.3 The Ribaucourt regiment

From 1694 the regiment is called Ribaucourt Regiment, as such it is in the Order of Battle of the Alliance Army in Brabant, where it fielded one squadron.. In July 1694 we have a literal 'Terce van Ribaucourt' with a secure date in the second line in the camp of Mont Saint André Tweede vervolg van saken van staat en oorlog.

In July 1696 the Ribocourt regment was mentioned as fielding one squadron together with the Fourneau 5. The oldest specific mention I have of the cavalry regiment Comte de 'Ribeaucourt' is of 1701 when it had 2 squadrons 1701 6. In early August 1701 the Ribaucourt was ordered to Upper Guelre OHC 11 Aug 1701. In November 1701 there was a message that the Grave de Ribaucourt Spinosa Maistre de Camp of a Cavalry Regiment had been chosen to command a force of 2,000 Foot and 1,000 Horse to be sent from Barcelona to Napels OHC 10 Nov 1701. In April 1702 the regiment was mentioned as near Anvers 7. On 28 September 1702 it was in the second line of Boufflers' army 8.

2 Los Rios

2.1 Ribaucourt - Los Rios succession

Finding out how the Ribaucourt became the Los Rios was dificult. For June 1717 there is a note that the regiment of 'Don Diego de los Rios' was given to 'Don François la Farina' 9. This succession was caused by the death of Diego de los Rios while Francisco Lafarina was the Lieutenant-Colonel Mercure historique et politique p.597. This does not prove a Ribaucourt-Rios succession, but that becomes different if one can prove the existence of a 'Los Rios' regiment from 1717 back to 1703, which we will do for the 1703-1710 timeframe. The fact that the Comte de Ribaucourt got promoted to maréchal de camp on 30 March 1703 further supports the claim that the Ribaucourt regiment became the Los Rios regiment.

2.2 Los Rios regiment

The first mention I have of the Los Rios as a regiment is when it was in the Disposition Générale des Troupes, tant de garnisons que des Armées, dans la Flandre Espagnole, pour le 4 Mai 170310. On 16 June 1703 it was again in an order of battle 11. In October 1703 it was near Namur 12.

On 29 February 1704 Bedmar ordered the Los Rios to Diest with 2 squadrons 13. The Los Rios was planned to be in a detachment led by Grimaldi on 30 March 170414.

In late March the Los Rios regiment was reviewed near Gent OHC 2 April 1705. On 12 May 1705 the Rios cavalry were in the main force with 2 squadrons 15. On 3 July 1705 the Los Rios fielded two squadrons on the Lines of Brabant 16. In the subsequent 14 July 1705 order of battle for the Bourbon Army, the Los Rios is present with 2 squadrons, but there is also a Los Rios infantry regiment present in the Order of Battle for the battle for the Lines of Brabant. We should conclude that the Los Rios Cavalry did not fight. In the History of the reign of Queen Anne the losses of the Rios are noted as Captain Aranda, Lieutenant d'Aquilera and Ensign Mena. However, the 'Rios' is listed as infantry in this book, and because there is also a Los Rios Infantry regiment in 1705, these do not refer to our cavalry regiment.

In 1706 there is a bit of silence abot the Los Rios Cavalry, and in 1707 I also could not find it. It's quite probable that it was in the German theatre and was simply designated as 'Spanish' in some lists.

On 8 July 1708 the Los Rios is in an OOB in Alsace 17. On 10 September 1708 it was again in an OOB on the German front 18. On 24 July 1709 the 'Rios Espagnol' was in Flanders OOB with two squadrons19. On 27 October 1709 the Rios was to camp along the Sambre with two squadrons20.

It seems that while a lot of cavalry regiments went to Spain in 1710 the Los Rios was left behind at first. It was expected to be near Guise on 20 May 1710 21. On 15 October 1710 the Rios was in a force under De Montesquiou 22. This indication that the Los Rios went to Spain later was confirmed when I found a reference that the 12 infantry regiments and the cavalry of Cecil and Los Rios, that had been ordered to Girona, where countermanded OHC 4 November 1713.

3 Sources

Note that CLONARD knew Gaspar Gomez de Spinola to have been (become) Count of Ribaucourt, but did not note the Espinosa-Ribaucourt succession in c. 1693. CLONARD also missed the Los Rios-La Farina succession. I think that I was the first to rediscover it.

4 Notes

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