French Cavalry regiments

French Cavalry
Cavalry battle by Verdussen
A Cavalry battle By Pieter Verdussen

1 Medieval Knights and Medieval horse

Parts of the French cavalry could trace its origins back to companies of mounted knights. These were the companies that formed the Gendarmerie, which had 16 companies that fielded 8 squadrons. The Royal Carabiniers were a semi-separate unit. The bulk of the French cavalry was organized into regular regiments which were officially light cavalry. Of these there were about 60 in 1701.

2 La Gendarmerie

The Gendarmes were divided in companies that could mostly trace back their ancestry to bands of heavy armored horsemen raised by the French aristocracy. This was the meaning of Gendarme: a fully armored horseman, which was something that differed from light cavalry. Even in the beginning of Louis XIV's reign the princes of the blood, the Maréchaux de France and some other members of the aristocracy still had their own companies of Gendarmes and Chevaux-Legers, but this was changed by Louis XIV.

Louis changed this in 1660 (just after the peace of the Pyrenees), that year he disbanded all companies of the Gendarmerie except those of the royal family. By 1700 the Gendarmerie numbered 10 companies of Gendarmes and 6 companies of Chevaux-Legers fielding 8 squadrons. As each company numbered 63 men these amounted to 1,008 men, not counting the officers. The names of the Gendarme companies were: Scotch, English, Bourguignon, Gendarmes de Flandre, Gendarmes de la Reine, Dauphin, De Bretagne (previously Bourgogne), D'Anjou, De Berri and D'Orleans. The Chevaux-Legers were: De la Reine, Dauphin, De Bretagne (previously Bourgogne), D'Anjou, De Berri and D'Orleans.

All Gendarme companies were commanded by Captain-Lieutenants. As said one can doubt whether the Gendarmerie belonged to the household troops, but when they were both in the army the Gendarmerie were commanded by someone from the Maison du Roy. As regards rank the Gendarmerie were the highest ranking cavalry units in the French Army after the cavalry of the Maison du Roy.

3 Royal Carabiniers

The Royal Carabiniers Brigades
BrigadeNames of colonels
11694 Comte d'Aubeterre; 1707 De Verneuil; 1716 Chev. de Sanguin
21693 Commandeur du Rozel de Cagny; 1716 De Grieu
31693 Marq. d'Achy; 1702 De Cloys; 1719 de Froideau
41693 de Résigny; 1702 de Lestang; 1711 de Pujols
51693 Comm. de Courcelles; 1702 chev. d'Imecourt; 1705 Marq. de Rouvray; 1716 Pardaillan

The name of the Royal Carabiniers came from their principal weapon, which was a carabine or short rifle. In 1679 the king ordered that each cavalry company should have 2 carabineers. On 29 October 1691 the king then ordered that each cavalry regiment should field a company of carabineers. It turned out that these served very well in the Battle of Neerwinden.

After the success at Neerwinden the king made these companies into a regiment on 1 November 1693. This new 'regiment' of carabineers counted 100 companies divided into 5 brigades under the overall command of the Comte du Maine. Each brigade counted 20 companies and was commanded by a mestre de camp and a lieutenant-colonel. A comparison with regular cavalry regiments that often did not count more than 12 companies tells that the carabineers indeed counted 5 regiments. After the peace of Rijswijk each brigade of the carabineers was reduced to 2 companies.

The carabineers were no doubt intended as an elite unit. Appointments in the regiment were often reserved for talented soldiers who could not afford to buy a company or regiment. The carabineers fought on foot as well as from horse back, and for this reason alone one cannot designate them as regular cavalry. As regards rank it ranked right after Berry and before Orléans.

4 Light Cavalry regiments

4.1 Chevaux-Legers

From time immemorial the nobility had fought on horseback while the peasant fought on foot. However, this counted only with regard to the heavy cavalry called Gendarmes. The Gendarmes were manned by the nobility and their vassals fielding heavily armored warhorses and armored men. Even in the late Dark Age there were also horsemen equipped by the cities. These were called Chevaux-Legers or light cavalry and were not used for the real cavalry combats but for auxiliary tasks. It is from these that the regular cavalry regiments of the French army descended. Apart from this the (petty) nobility still kept a preference for serving in the cavalry and the proportion of noblemen continued to be higher in the cavalry.

4.2 Regiments Royaux and Regiments Gentilhommes

The moment that the cavalry regiments of the French army were formed can be dated to 1635 when Louis XIII created them by law. By 1700 the cavalry regiments were divided in two groups: The 'Regiments Royaux' (owned by the king, the royal family or connected to a most senior cavalry office) and the 'Regiments Gentilhommes' (privately owned) Here is an overview of the French cavalry regiments:

4.3 The 24 Royal Regiments

nrRegimentNames of colonels
49Colonel GeneralEstablished 1635 as Cavalry regiment Trefski Weymarien; 1675 F.M. de la Tour c. d'Auvergne; 10 Feb 1705 H.L. de la Tour d'Auvergne comte d'Evreux
68Mestre de Camp G.Established 1638 as Coislin; 1690 Marq. de Rosen; 1703 L.F. Marq. de Montpeyroux; Blenheim; 1714 Duc de la Vallière
129Commissaire G.Established 1645 Esclainvilliers; 1688 Villars; 1703 comte de Verrue; 1704 Duc de la Vallière; 1714 Comte de Chatillon
5RoyalEstablished 1635 as Cardinal-Duc; 1643 titled Régiment Royal; 1701 Comte du Bourg; 1706 Duc de Sully; 1712 Comte de Melun
18Du RoyEstablished 1635 as Dragons du Cardinal; 1643 titled Fusiliers à cheval du Roy; 1646 titled Régiment du Roy; 1694 Duc de Broglie; 1705 Marq. de Fournès;
326Royal étrangerEstablished 1659 by merging a 1657 regiment with foreign troops; 1691 Duc de Coigny; 1704 Marq. Tournelle; 1706 C. de St. Chamans; 1710 Duc de Valentinois
53Royal CuirassiersEstablished 1638 as Aumont; 1656 titled as Cuirassiers du Roy; 1697 Marq de Bonneval; 1710 Comte de Beuzeville
108Royal CravattesEstablished 1643 as Balthazar; 20 May 1667 titled Royal Cravattes; 1697 Comte d'Alègre; 1705 Marq. de Curton
267Royal RoussillonEstablished 1652 as Montclar; 1 April 1668 titled Royal Roussillon; 1693 Marq. de Praslin; 1702 Marq. de Bonneles; 1706 De Chémereuil; 1706 Comte de Saumery
408Royal Piémonta. 1671 as Prince de Piémont; 6 May 1690 titled Royal-Piémont; 1690 Marq. de Bouzols; 1705 Marq. de Manicamp
410Royal AllemandEstablished 1671 as Konigsmark; 15 Nov 1688 titled Royal Allemand; 1693 L.C. comte de Nassau Saarbrücken; 1713 de Quaet de Landskroon
107La ReineEstablished 1643 as Reine-Mère; 1666 titled La Reine; 1693 Comte de Thèzan; 1706 Marq. du Cayla; 1706 Marq. du Cayla; 1761 18th
398DauphinEstablished 1668 as Dauphin; 1693 Marq. d'Imécourt; 1702 Marq. de Vandeul; 1710 Marq. de Lessart; 1712 ma. d'Harcourt
453Dauphin EtrangerEstablished as Dauphin étranger; 1697 Daniel Pain de Rodemach as Lt.; Friedlingen; Blenheim; 22 Sep 1706 Louis Jean Baptiste de Goyon-Matignon comte de Gacé; Oudenaarde; 1719 Marquid de Bezons; incorporatted into Dauphin 1761
351BourgogneEstablished 1665 as Paulmy; 5 June 1685 titled Royal-Bourgogne (for the Prince of Burgundy) 1693 Marq. de Puyguyon; 1704 Marq. d'Ancenis; June 1711 titled Bretagne (for the Duc de Bretagne); 1715 Comte de Brassac; 15 Sep 1751 re-titled Bourgogne.
352AnjouEstablished 1665 as Baleroy de Choisy; 1688 titled Anjou (for the Duc d'Anjou); 10 Sep 1753 titled Acquitaine; 1 Dec 1761 titled Artois (for the comte d'Artois.
409BerryEstablished 1671 as Comte de Rousillon; 1689 titled Royal Berry (for the Duc de Berry) 1693 Marq. d'Yolet; 1702 Marq. de Sandricourt
572Royal CarabiniersEstablished 1693 as carabiniers (see above) for the Duc du Maine
3OrleansEstablished 1630 by Jacques de Souvré was the oldest French cavalry regiment; 12 April 1660 titled Orléans; Blenheim;
363ChartresEstablished 8 July 1667 as Beaupré; 18 Feb 1684 Philippe d'Orléans duc de Chartres and ranked as 15th; 1701 Louis d'Orléans 2nd duc de Chartres; 5 Jan 1724 Louis de Bourbon-Condé comte de Clermont and ranked between Bourbon and Mane; 25 June 1770 titled La Marche-Prince; 12 Sep 1776 titled Conti; ???? transformed into a dragoon regiment.
6CondéEstablished 1635 as Enghien; 1659 readmitted as Condé; 1686 Henry Jules de Condé; Nijmegen; Friedlingen; Blenheim; 15 Sep 1709 Louis Henri duc de Bourbon; Duc de Bourbon (son of); 21 Feb 1740 Louis Joseph de Bourbon prince de Condé; ca 1776 transformed into a dragoon regiment.
167BourbonEstablished 17 Jan 1649 as Enghien for Henri Jules de Bourbon; 11 Dec 1688 titled Bourbon after Colonel Louis Henri duc de Bourbon; 15 Sep Louis Henri duc de Bourbon; 21 March 1710 Charles comte de Charolais; 1760 Louis Joseph Henri duc de Bourbon; ca 1775 transformed into a dragoon regiment.
353MaineEstablished 1665 as Coulanges; 1688 Duc du Maine; Lieutenants: 1688 Montagnac; July 1690 Comte de Cheyladet; 1702 other; Ramillies; 1712 Marquis de Montmorency-Chateaubrun; incorporated into Roy cavalerie 1761.
449ToulouseEstablished 1 Mar 1674 as Heudicourt; 28 Aug 1693 Louis Alexandre de Bourbon comte de Toulouse; Ekeren; Ramillies; Oudenaarde; Malplaquet; Denain; 1 Dec 1737 Louis Jean Marie de Bourbon duc de Penthièvre; 7 May 1776 tranformed into a dragoon regiment;

4.4 32 Regiments Gentilhommes existing before and after the WSS

These 32 Regiments Gentilhommes were established before the War of the Spanish Succession, and would still be there after that war.

364BeringhenEstablished 1667 as Tilladet; April 1689 marquis de Souvré; 5 April 1700 Jacques-Louis marquis de Beringhen; Ekeren; Ramillies; Oudenaarde; Malplaquet; 1718 Conti; re-ranked- 1727 Chayla; incorporated into Royal Lorraine 1761
395NarbonneEstablished 1668 as Bartillat; Sep 1690 Jac. Marquis de Narbonne; Carpi; Chiari; 15 Aug. 1702 Nicolas Alexandre le Cordier marquis du Tronc; Luzzara; Verrua; 1718 Honoré comte de Villars; incorporated into Berry 1761. LR: 09-08-1671
216VilleroiEstablished 24 Sep 1651 as Humières; 1695 Villeroi; Luzzara; Ramillies?; 1718 Alincourt; 20 Jan 1733 Louis François de Bourbon prince de Conti; ca 1775 transformed into dragoon regiment chasseurs d'Alsace LR: 24-05-1668
246LorraineEstablished 12 March 1652 as Gohas / Armagnac; 18 May 1656 Marquis de la Valette; 25 Nov 1689 Prince Camille de lorraine; 10 Feb 1702 Prince Charles de Lorraine; 28 March 1708 De Lorraine Prince de Lambesc; 1730 Marqui de Beaucaire; 1 Jan 1748 Marquis de Marcieu; incorp. into Royal Pologne 1761.
401GrignanEstablished 1671 as Grignan; 1689 Grignan; 1703 marq. de Flesché; 1761 titled Royal Lorraine
405DurfortEstablished 1671 as Saint Aignan; Oct 1690 Hercule Meriadec prince de Rohan-Soubise; 10 Feb 1702 Guy Michel de Durfort comte de Quentin; 10 Jan 1705 Antoine Galiot de Saint Chamans; 6 June 1706 Claude-Antoine-Eugène comte de Vaudray as of 19 dec 1706 known as Saint-Aignan; Oudenaarde; 16 Sep 1717 Jacques-Louis de Rouvroy (son of); incorporated into Royal Piedmont 1761.
178EgmontEstablished 1649 as Foucauld; 1699 Comte d'Egmont; 1704 Desmarets; 1709 Gesvres; 1761 incorporated into Bourbon; LR 09-08-1671
415MontmainEstablished 1672 as L'Houmeau; 17 March 1690 Louis d'Aumont marquis de Villequier; 15 Feb 1702 Henri-François de Ténarre marquis de Montmain; Friedlingen; Blenheim; 25 June 1706 De Bacqueville de Bellaccueil; 28 Feb 1711 Louis-René Sandré de Latour; incorporated into Royal-Cravates 1761.
368VivansEstablished 1667 as Valavoire; March 1689 Jean de Noaillac comte de Vivans; Friedlingen; Jan. 1703 Pons-Auguste Sublet marquis d'Heudicourt; Blenheim; Malplaquet; incorporated into Royal Etranger 1761.
262Established 1652 as Plessis-Bellière; 30 March 1693 Chev. de La Tournelle; 5 May 1701 Louis d'Aubusson duc de la Feuillade; 4 March 1702 Andr� Joseph Marquis d'Aubusson St. Paul; Blenheim; Ramillies; 1 Dec 1761 incorporated into Com. General. LR 09-08-1671
354TalmontEstablished 1665 as Thianges; 30 March 1693 Fred.-Guil. de la Trémouille prince de Talmont; Ekeren; 4 Feb 1705 Charles Louis Bretagne Duc de la Trémouille as of 1 June 1709 known as Prince de Tarente; Ramillies; Oudenaarde; incorporated into Royal Roussillon 1761.
446SullyEstablished 1674 as Chevalier-Duc; 23 Oct 1689 Marquid de Roquépine; 1701 Chevalier de Sully; 19 Dec 1706 Claude Antoine Eugène comte de Vaudray (double name); Malplaquet; incorporated into Royal-Picardie 1761.
450UzèsEstablished 1674 as Saint-Sylvestre; 17 Feb 1698 François-Charles de Crussol comte d'Uzès; Carpi; Chiari; Castiglione; Oudenaarde; 20 March 1709 François de La Rochefoucauld prince de Marsillac as of 1716 known as Duc de la Rocheguyon; incorporated into La Reine 1761.
452RassayEstablished 1674 as Walin; March 1690 De Larrard; 1701 De Rassay; 1704/05 De Saint-Germain-Beaupré; 1717 De Brion; incorporated into Chartres 1761
355RuffeyEstablished 1665 as Thury; 8 January 1696 Louis de Damas comte de Ruffey; Carpi; Chiari; Luzzara; Verrua; Feb 1705 Henri de Crugy comte de Marcillac; Cassano; Calcinato; Turin; incorporated into Royal cavalerie 1761.
280Cossé (G)Established 1653 as Nogent; 1694 Cossé; 1704 Magnières; 1710 Marq. de Monteils; 1725 titled Stanislas Roi; 30 Mar 1737 Titled Royal-Pologne. LR 15-01-1684
266Esclainvilliers (G)Established 1652 as Candale; 1691 Marq. d'Esclainvilliers; 1704 ditto; 1724 Peyre; 1739 Vintimille; 1761 titled Royal Picardie
494Duras (G)Established 1682 as Tallard; 1697 Duc de Duras; 1710 Marq. de Villequier; 1761 titled Royal Champagne
136Saint Pouanges (G)Established 1647 Illes Catalan; 1696 Marq. de St. Pouanges; 1716 Chambonas; 1761 titled Royal Navarre
457LivryEstablished 1674 as La Margelle; 8 Jan 1699; Tournefort; 10 July 1699 Louis Sanguin marquis de Livry; Blenheim; Oudenaarde; 1718 Louis-Gabriel Bazin marquis de Bezons; 1723 Marquis de Beringhen; 1730 Vidame de Vassé; incorporated into the Cuirassiers du Roi 1761.
236FerronaysEstablished 1652 as Mancini; Jan 1696 Marquis de la Ferronays; Carpi; Chiari; Friedlingen; Blenheim; incorporated into Orleans cavalerie 1761; LR 20-08-1688
433VienneEstablished 1673 as Vaubrun; 1693 De Vienne; 14 Sep 1705 Charles-Théodore Desforges de Germion; Almanza; Oct 1723 Guy-Michel de Durfort comte de Lorges; incorporated into Condé 1761.
233BartillatEstablished 1652 Montauban; 22 Feb 1689 marquis de Clermont-Saint-Aignan; April 1702 Marquis de Bartillat; 1706 Lénoncourt; 1761 incorporated into Des Salles (later Royal Lorraine); LR 00-00-1688
417Imécourt (G)Established 3 March 1672 as Seyssac; 20 Aug 1688 Jean marquis d'Imécourt; 1693 Imécourt (brother of); Montauban; Luzzara; Forbin; Vercelli; Ivrea; Verrua; Turin; Toulon; 1708 Marquis de Chépy; Ca 1758 titled Chartres; Ca 1774 transformed into a dragoon regiment.
434BouzolsEstablished 1673 as Lançon; March 1676 Marquis de Saint-Simon-Montbléru; 1693 Du Bordage; Luzzara; 24 Dec 1702 Joseph de Montaigut chevalier de Bouzols; Cassano; 1 Feb 1719 Duc de Brissac; incorporated into Bourgogne 1761.
445Lévis (G)Established 1674 as Broglio; 1689 Marq. de Lévis; 1704 Vaupalière; 1707 Bessay; 1713 Novion; 1761 titled Royal Normandie
440BarentinEstablished 1673 as Givry; 3 Jan 1696 De Barentin; 1711 De Villepreux; incorporated into Damas 1761.
418WiltzEstablished 1672 as De Streef; 3 Jan 1696 De Wiltz; 29 June 1704 Jacques de Lespinay marquis de Marteville; Verrua; Cassano; Turin; Oudenaarde; 1 Feb 1719 Comte de Roye; incorporated into Mestre de Camp General 1761
47Rosena. 1635 in French service under Jean de Rosen; 9 Nov 1682 Frederic Nicolas comte de Rottembourg; 17 Feb 1696 Reynold Charles comte de Rosen; Ramillies; 2 April 1709 Conrad Alexander comte de Rottembourg; 1761 incorp into Royal Allemand. LR 20-08-1688
519Ayen (Noailles Cavalerie)Established 20 Dec 1688 as duc de Noailles; Comte d'Ayen represented by Lt-col Charles de Dyenne de Cheyladet; 1702 Comte d'Ayen; Friedlingen; Speyerbach; Blenheim; ca 1774 transformed into a dragoon regiment.
521La MarkEstablished 1689 as La Marck but a.k.a. as Fürstemberg; 27 March 1691 Louis Pierre Engilbert comte de La Marck (brother of); Ekeren; Jan 1704 De Dangeau de Courcillon; Ramillies; Oudenaarde; Malplaqet; 1719 Comte de Béthune-Selles; incorporated into La Rochefoucauld 1761.
570Sheldon IrlandaisEstablished 1691 by James II; 15 Feb 1698 Sheldon Irlandais; Carpi; Speyerbach; 20 Jan 1706 Jean Christophe de Tashmond-Limerick Comte de Nugent; Ramillies; Oudenaarde; Malplaquet; 1716 Nugent (son of); 16 March 1733 Charles duc de Fitz-James; dismissed 1761.

4.5 16 Ditto Regiments dismissed after the WSS

These regiments were founded before the War of the Spanish Succession and dismissed at the end, as ordered by Pajol1

362BissyEstablished 1667 as Lambert; Feb 1677 Jacques de Thiard marquis de Bissy; Carpi; Chiari; 13 Feb 1702 Anne Claude de Thiard marquis de Bissy; Luzzara; Verrua; incorporated into Royal Bourgogne 1714.
77RennepontEstablished 1638; 18 Oct 1694 Pierre de Pont comte de Rennepont; 26 Oct 1704 to his son; Cassano; Calcinato; 22 Sept 1706 Claude Alexandre de Pont marquis de Rennepont; 10 July 1717 incorp into Royal Cravates. LR 07-05-1682
402SimianeEstablished 1671 as Longueville; 4 Nov 1683 Philippe des Gentils marquis de Langallerie; Carpi; Chiari; 29 Jan 1702 Nicolas François comte de Simiane; Luzzara; Cassano; Turin; Almanza; Denain; incorporated into Chartres 1714.
406BroglioEstablished 1671 as Saussay; 10 Feb 1694 François-Raymond-Felix chevalier de Broglio; Luzzara; 26 Oct 1704 Chevalier de Vérac; 1706 Monmorency; 28 Nov 1708 de Marcillac-Vény; Marquis de Noailles; incorporated into Mestre de camp General 1714.
441La VallièreEstablished 1673 as Aumont; 12 Jan 1692 Charles-François de La Baume Le Blanc duc de La Vallière; 17 Sep 1704 Nicolas comte de Fontaine; Ramillies; Oudenaarde; incorporated into Royal Piémont 1714.
487VandeulEstablished 1677 as Fontet; name unknown; 27 March 1694 Vandeul; Carpi; Chiari; Vandeul killed at Luzzara; 30 Aug replaced by lt-col François Joseph de Cappy; Verrua; Turin; Maplaquet; Incorporated in the Roy cavalerie 1714.
491EspinchalEstablished 1677 as Sibourg / Cibour; 31 Dec 1701 Sibourg sells to; 1702 d'Espinchal; d'Espinchal killed at San Benedetto; 1703 Prince d'Elboeuf; 1706 lt-col de La Bretauche; 1 Oct 1709 François du Haget de Caubous; incorporated into com-general 1714.
496MelunEstablished 1688 as Bellegarde; 1693 De Melun; Carpi; Chiari; Cremona; 17 January 1703 Louis Gabriel de Melun vicomte de Gand (brother of the previous); Verrua; Turin; Malplaquet; incorporated in Royal 1714.
505MauroyEstablished 1688 as Humières; 18 March 1690 Denis Simon de Mauroy; Cremona; 10 Feb 1704 De Soucarrière; 1710 de Villiers; incorporated into Condé 1713.
508BoufflersEstablished 1688 as Boufflers; 26 Dec 1693 Charles comte d'Ourches; Luzzara; 11 March 1705 Louis Le Roy de Chérisey; Cassano; Oudenaarde; 19 May 1711 Jean Joachim Rouhault comte de Cayeux; incorporated into Royal-Etranger 1714.
509Villiers Le MorhyerEstablished 1688 as Dumont; 3 Sep 1690 Louis Craton comte de Nassau-Saarbrücken; 30 March 1693 Étienne Bérault de Villiers Le Morhyer; Luzzara; 26 Oct 1704 De Vignoles; d'Autichamp; 1708 Du Fief; incorporated into Bourbon 1713.
510GallEstablished 1688 by René François Baron de Le Gall; Carpi; Chiari; 29 July 1702 Chev. de Sève; Friedlingen; Comte de Choiseul (brother in law to Villars); incorporated into Royal Rousillon 1714.
502MontpeyrouxEstablished 1688 as Montpeyroux; 1691 Léonor François palatin de Dyo marquis de Montpeyroux; Carpi; Cremona; Luzzara; 25 March 1703 Gramont; 1706 Gramont killed at Castiglione; Maisonthiers; 1708 de Campférand; incorporated into Orléans 1714.
531AuvergneEstablished 1691 as La Beyssière; 1697 Prince D'Auvergne; Friedlingen; July 1703 Auvergne deserts; Bourke; May 1706 Nicolas comte de Massembach; 1710 Valgrand; incorporated into La Reine 1714
532CourlandonEstablished 1691 as Phélippeaux; 13 Nov 1691 De Courlandon; Carpi; Chiari; April 1704 Moyria; 1705 d'Harcourt prince de Maubecque; 5 Sep 1706 Jean François Joubert de la Bastide marquis de Chateaumorand; Dec 1710 Comte de Roye; incorporated into Dauphin 1713.
544ConflansEstablished 1691 as Glizy; 26 June 1694 Jean Chrétien de Watteville marquis de Conflans; seems destroyed at Blenheim.

4.6 New regiments for the WSS

Régiments Gentilhomes that were raised or re-established on account of the War of the Spanish Succession. These included regiments that had been raised as early as 1672, but had been disbanded after the Nine Years War. It's not clear whether the officers were maintained at half-pay or something the like. Some other regiments were especially raised for the War of the Spanish Succession, and had no ties to previous regiments.

425ForsatEstablished 1672 as Crillon; Sep 1689 Jean de la Baume commandeur de Forsat; re-est. Feb 1701; 23 Dec. 1702 Forsat (nephew of the previous); incorporated into Heudicourt 1714.
375MérinvilleEstablished 1667 as Estrades; Aug. 1691 Du Plessis; re-est. Feb 1701; 31 dec 1701 Plessis sells to; Jan 1702 Mérinville; Friedlingen; 17 Sep 1706 François Fournier Comte d'Autanne; Malplaquet; incorporated into Gesvres 1713
451BarEstablished 1674 as Villeneuve; 3 Jan 1696 De Bar; re-est. 10 Feb 1701; De Bar killed at Ramillies; Lt-Colonel de La Mothe succeeds; 1710 Marquis de la Joyeuse; incorporated into Chépy.
392PelleportEstablished 1667 as Méré; 10 Feb 1694 Abraham Antoine de la Fitte de Pelleport; re-est. Feb 1701; Ekeren; 1709 Thérèse Hardouin de Morel marquis de Puttange; Incorporated into Monteils 1713.
342Established 1658 as Bouillon; March 1690 Max-François comte de Fiennes; re-est. Feb 1701; Ekeren; Speyerbach; Jan 1705 N. Duret de Villiers; 1710 Croï; Oct 1711 Marquis d'Imécourt- La Loge; dismissed Nov. 1713. LR 10-02-1701
404FourquevauxEstablished 1671 as Grutel; Dec 1677 Jean-François-Paul marquis de Rassent; re-est. Feb 1701; 29 Jan 1702 Fourquevaux; Friedlingen; Speyerbach; Blenheim; Nov 1709 de La Tour; Feb 1711 Pardaillan; incorporated into Bouzols 1714.
479MarivaultEstablished 1676 by Hardouin de Lisle Marquis de Marivault; re-est. 10 Feb 1701; 29 Jan 1702 Marquis de Vivans Saint-Christaud; 1706 De Beaujeu; Malplaquet; Incorporated into Lénoncourt 1713.
484AnlézyEstablished 1677 as Du Rozel; 3 Jan 1696 Marquis d'Anlezy; re-est. 10 Feb 1701; 21 June 1702 Louis-Antoine-Érard de Damas comte d'Anlézy; Blenheim; Oudenaarde; 20 March 1709 Marquis de Villequier; 1713 Louis-Charles marquis de Goufier; incorporated into Esclainvilliers 1714.
498SavinesEstablished 1688 as De Cathulan; re-est. 10 Feb 1701; 27 Jul 1701 Antoine de La Font marquis de Savines; 15 March 1702 Marquis de la Baume (son of Tallard); Blenheim; 15 Nov 1704 De La Boulaye; 1707 D'Alzeau; Oudenaarde; incorporated into Dauphin Etranger and in Saint Germain Beaupré in 1714.
499AuriacEstablished 1688 as Richelieu; 3 Jan 1696 D'Auriac; re-est. 10 Feb 1701; 26 Nov 1704 Coulanges; 1705 Cassano; 22 Sep 1706 Coulanges Saint-Phal (son of); Oudenaarde; Malplaquet; dismissed 1713.
500RouvrayEstablished 1688 as Vandoeuvre; 1 June 1695 Philippe de Virieu marquis de Marnay Saint-André; re-est. 10 Feb 1701; 10 April 1701 Jean Louis marquis de Tracy; 16 Jan 1702 lt-col François Paul de Courseulles marquis de Rouvray; Blenheim; 18 Jan 1706 Louis François Bellanger de Tourotte; incorp. into Beringhen 1713.
501MontrevelEstablished 1688 as de Molac; 1700 De La Baume chev. de Montrevel; re-est. 10 Feb 1701; 3 June 1704 Melchior Esprit de la Baume comte de Montrevel; Blenheim; incorporated into Marcillac (see 355)
507Chatelet-ClefmontEstablished 1688 as Montberon; 6 April 1689 Antoine Charles marquis du Chatelet-Clefmont; re-est. 10 Feb 1701; Friedlingen; 17 Jan 1703 Charles César de Flahaut de Saint-Remy marquis de La Billarderie; Blenheim; 25 June 1706 Marquis de Braque; Oudenaarde; 24 July 1709 Joseph François Hyacinthe le Bereur marquis de Malan; incorporated into Saint-Aignan 1713.
518GeoffrevilleEstablished 1689 as Longueval; 29 Nov 1689 François le Danois marquis de Geoffreville; re-est. 10 Feb 1701; 14 Jan 1703 Charles Louis Bretagne de La Trémouille prince de Tarente; Ekeren; 4 Feb 1705 marquis de Bellefonds; 1710 De Montauban; incoporated into Villepreux (440) in 1713
523VaillacEstablished 1689 by François de Ricard de Gourdon de Genouillac comte de Vaillac; re-est. 10 Feb 1701; 23 Dec 1702 Jean Baptiste François Johanne de La Carre Comte de Saumery; Ekeren; 23 Sep 1706 Du Paon; incorporated into Du Tronc (395) in 1713
524HornEstablished 1689; 6 May 1692 Philippe Maximilien Comte de Horn; re-est. 10 Feb 1701; 23 Dec 1702 De Choiseul marquis de Meuse; Ekeren; De Meuse killed on the Speyerbach; Du Vignau; De Vaudremont; incorporated into Vaudray (446) in 1713.
526LaignyEstablished 1689 by De Laigny, re-est. 10 Feb 1701; 31 Dec 1701 Lagny sells to; De Resnel; 24 June 1702 De Damas marquis d'Anlézy; Blenheim; Daniel Paris de Rodemarck; 1709 César Emmanuel Collin de Lessart; 1710 D'Harcourt; Biron; incorportated into te Cuirrassiers du Roi in 1713
527LigondèzEstablished 1689 by Du Ligondèz; re-est. 10 Feb 1701; Speyerbach; Jan 1703 Du Ligondèz (son of); Blenheim; Ramillies; Oudenaarde; Denain; incorporated into Noailles 1713
573Lisle du VigierEstablished 1693 by De Lisle du Vigier; re-est. 10 Feb 1701; 30 April 1709 Gaspard Marquis de Clermont-Tonnerre; incorporated into Aubusson 1713
497BissyEstablished 1688 as Terrail; 1690 Anne Claude de Thiard comte de Bissy; re-est. 1 March 1701; 1702/3 Chev. de Bissy; 17 Sep 1703 D'Estaniol de Montagnac; 30 Dec 1710 son of D'Estaniol de Montagnac; incorporated into Anjou 1713.
504Saint MaurisEstablished 1688 as Sant Mauris; 8 Jan 1696 César Emmanuel Colin de Lessart; re-est. 1701 as Saint Mauris; 1702 Comte de Parabère; incorporated into Beringhen 1713.
574BrissacEstablished 1696 as Cossé; 1700 Brissac; disappears; incorporated into Villeroy after the peace of Rastadt.
575DesclosEstablished 1696 as Desclos; 24 Oct 1706 de Rivoire marquis du Palais; Malplaquet; incorporated into Maine and Toulouse in 1714
577TarnaultEstablished 3 Sep 1702 by Charles de Tarnault; Speyerbach; Blenheim; Malplaquet; incorporated into Berry 1713.
571HoussartsEstablished 1692 as Kroneberg; 19 Nov 1693 Jacques André de Mortany official designation as Houssarts; re-est. as separate companies in 1701; 6 Nov 1705 lt-col Jacques Badier marquis de Verseilles obtains its reconstitution as a regiment under his name; 8 Jan 1709 De Verseilles (brother of); disperses in 1716.
587La Mothe HoudancourtEstablished 19 Nov 1705 by Charles Louis marquis de La Mothe Houdancourt; Ramillies; Wijnendale; Malplaquet; dismissed 1713
588CayeuxEstablished 20 Nov 1705 by Jean Joachim Rouhault comte de Cayeux; Ramillies; Malplaquet; 19 May 1711 De Verthamont; incorporated into La Tour 1714
589Du LucEstablished 22 Nov 1705 by Gaspard Madelon Hubert de Vintimille marquis de Luc; Turin; incorporated into Flesché in 1716.
590HarcourtEstablished 23 Nov 1705 by François duc d'Harcourt; Ramillies; Oudenaarde; 1710 De Saint Blimont; incorporated into Villequier in 1713.
591Chatelet-ClefmontEstablished 24 Nov 1705 by François Bernardin marquis de Chatelet-Clefmont; Oudenaarde; incorporated into Germinon (433) in 1713.
594GacéEstablished 27 Nov 1705 by Louis Jean Baptiste de Goyon Matignon comte de Gacé; 1707 Marquis de Matignon (his brother); incorporated into Dauphin Etranger (453) in 1713
595MarsillacEstablished 27 Nov 1705 by De La Rochefoucault prince de Marsillac; 20 March 1709 Aubeterre; incorporated into La Rocheguyon (450) in 1714
576Montfortpresent in a 1 June 1704 table and mentioned as incorporated into Noailles in 1711
596RoyeEstablished 27 Nov 1705 by De La Rochefoucault de Roye; Gramont; incorporated into La Ferronays (236) in 1714.
597MontgonEstablished 6 Dec 1705 by De Montgon; La Coste du Plantier ; Beaucaire; incorporated into Lambesc (246) in 1714.
598RaigecourtEstablished 6 Dec 1705 by the Marquis de Raigecourt; 13 July 1706 Louis Antoine marquis de Raigecourt; Denain; incorporated into Lévis 1713
599Du BourdetEstablished 6 Dec 1705 by De Cugnac du Bourdet; Saint Phal; incorporated into Roye (532) in 1713
600Saint Geniès HussardsEstablished ? Bavarian; 1706 serving as auxilliaries on the Rhine under Saint Geniès then to French service; 14 Dec 1707 George Bor baron de Rattsky; Oudenaarde; 1743 Comte de Lynden; incorporated into other regiments 1756.
601?Poldéak HussardsEstablished from independent companies in Italy in 1706 under Poldéack; Nov 1706 De Filtz; Aug 1707 De Montils; 1709 to Spain
602Prince de VaudemontEstablished 15 March 1707 when taking two regiments of Milanese guards in French service; 1723 Monchy; incorporated into Penthièvre 1761.

5 Notes

1) Pajol; les Guerres sous Louis XV page 278; has a table of all cavalry regiments as they were in 1696. Here Pajol lists regiments that he supposes to have been active till the start of the War of the Spanish Succession. I've ordered Susane's regiments in Pajol's order, except when Susane states that these were re-established regiments. In such case they are in the table for re-established regiments.