Frederik Thomas de Yvoy Quarter Master General



Yvoy is not one of the highest officers of the Dutch army. The reason for me describing him here is that he does not get enough recognition as a source for events during the Spanish Succession War. On this page I want to investigate how this came to pass.

Yvoy in the Heinsius Archive

Yvoy features often in the Heinsius archive, mentioning that he sends attached relations and maps of events to Heinsius. Had these been found in the archive Yvoy would no doubt have been cited more often as a source in the histories of a lot of campaigns and battles. However, the problem is that virtually none of these attachements has been found in the Heinsius Archive.

One could suppose that as a politician Heinsius was not interested in these attachments and threw them away. From the content of the letters alone one can however easily refute this supposition. Furthermore Heinsius was a man especially interested in military affairs and gave orders for his correspondents to write about them. One then has to wonder what became of these attachments. The answer to this is probably twofold: First Heinsius dispatched them to the printer so that they could be used for propaganda purposes. Secondly they ended up in the hands of people who collected these attachements, either via the publisher or later sold from archives.

Yvoy on maps

There are several instances were Yvoy is mentioned on a map as being the source. Sometimes it even states on the map that he drew it, but that's probably not true because in August 1703 he stated that he needed a drawer in order to produce a map. So far I have found these in instances of Yvoy being mentioned as the source on a map: (WHK are numbers from the WilhelmsHöher Kriegskarten Archiv in Marburg)

Hand drawn carts in Marburg that are candidates as a source or design of the above prints

In the Kriegskarten Archiv in Marburg there are several had drawn maps that are candidates for being the source of the printed maps:

Yvoy in manuscript writing

These are instances in the Heisius Archive were Yvoy mentions that he has sent maps or reports to Heinsius. (Excerpt means that the letter has only been printed in resumee)