François Fagel

François Fagel
François Fagel
François Fagel
Griffier States General1685
Died:4 Oc. 1746

1 Background and early career

François Fagel de Oude (the older) can be said to have been born into office. The function of Griffier (kind of secretary) of the States General had already been thrice fulfilled by his family members before François1 got it, and others would follow him. He studied law at Utrecht University. He was appointed as a servant of the griffie (secretariat) of the Union in 1681 while his father was 'Griffier' and in 1685 he became griffier next to his father.

2 François Fagel as Grifier

When his father died in 1690 François became sole griffier. In this function Fagel became a powerful man, respected in the Netherlands and abroad. He was not only respected because of his power, but also for his character. He was said to be modest, capable generous and very dedicated. He knew Latin, French, Italian, English and German and loved the arts.

3 François Fagel in private

Fagel married Elisabeth van Slingelandt in July 1693. She died in labour on 7 February 1695 leaving him a daughter who died in 1715. This did not mean that it was quiet in Fagel's house in The Hague: his elder sister Maria and his younger brother Cornelis Gerrit and their children came to live with him, and so he functioned as the Pater Familias of the Fagels.

In his spare time Fagel was an ardent collector of (memorial) coins and books, having a library of 5,000 pieces in 1723. He build a large gallery connected to his House in The Hague, where he could show all his art. The spectacular Koepel van Fagel is a remnant of this gallery.

4 Sources

This page is based on the book 'François Fagel, portret van een honnête homme mentioned on the sources page.

5 Notes

1) François Fagel must not be mistaken for his nephew General François Nicolaas Fagel (1655-1718) nor for his uncle the Grand Pensionary Gaspar Fagel, who died in 1688.