The Adige front

Map of the Adige crossing

Eugen outwits the French and crosses the Adige.

  • A: Battée moves in the direction of Badia, making ostentatious preparations to cross somewhere in the area.
  • B: Eugen moves on Badia feigning an attack. As a result the French concentrate in the area.
  • C: Battée performs a forced march to Rottanova and crosses there unopposed.
  • D: Battée marches up the right bank to Borgoforte and builds a shipbridge there, crossing the rest of his force.
  • E: After fending of a counterattack, Battée reaches Lusia
  • F: After the panicking French have left Badia, Eugen crosses with his main force.
  • The siege of Turin chapter 3