Guidobald graf von Starhemberg



Guido Graf von Starhemberg was the son of Ernst Rüdiger von Starhemberg (1638-1701), the famous commander of Vienna during the Turkish siege of 1683. Guido was also present in Vienna at the time as ADC to his father, and followed him and later Eugen in battles against the Turcs. In the Spanish Succession war Starhemberg fought in Italy and Spain.

It was particularyly in Spain that Starhemberg performed very well. He was (or is) critisised for not going to Stanhope's aid fast enough when that Englishman was at Brihuega. The fact is however that Stanhope made the initial mistakes, and Starhemberg held his own at Villa Viciosa, making it seem to me this accusation comes from a nationalistic point of view.


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