Frederik Johan van Baer heer van Slangenburg

1645 - 1713

Slangenburg's childhood and early career

The Van Baer van Slangenburgh family claimed descent from a younger branch of the old Van Baer family of Gelderland bannermen, but nothing has been proven about that. Van Slangenburgh was born in 1645 to Herman van Baer and Catharina van Voorst. As a Catholic he was not allowed into the government of Gelderland, and that way he was destined to join the military. On a personal level he married Petronella van Steenbergen, who died in the first year of their marriage.

Slangenburg as an officer

It seems that the first mention of Slangenburg in the Dutch army is as a captain in 1668. When he fought at Seneffe in 1674 Slangenburg was a lieutenant-colonel. In 1675 he became colonel of the regiment that later got number 171. In 1677 he became a Brigadier-general2. His career then still continued till he became major-general in 16833.

In 1689 Major-General Slangenburg participated in the Siege of Reinberg with 5 regiments4. On 25 August of that same year he was in the Battle of Walcourt as a Major-general5. He was later for the first time defeated by his own character because a quarrel with the Prince of Waldeck prompted him to leave the army only to return after the death of that prince.

Slangenburg's second term as a senior officer in the Nine Years War

It seems that Slangenburg was reinstated as a commanding officer after the death of the Prince of Waldeck. As of yet I did not find any actions in which he was engaged for the rest of the Nine years war. This view is then supported by a letter of Obdam to Heinsius in which he states that Slangenburg hardly served in the Nine Years War and never as a lieutenant-general6.

Lieutenant General Slangenburg in the opening phases of the War of the Spanish Succession

At the start of the War of the Spanish Succession Slangenburg was a Lieutenant-General. One of the first things Slangeburg did was taking actions to get an appointment as General of infantry.

Slangenburgh and the manor Slangenburgh

Van Baer inherited the Slangenburg manor as a rather simple construction with one tower. During his lifetime he significantly enlarged it and gave it some fine interior decorations. The Slangenburg manor is nowadays a place of rest, reflection and encounter.




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