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History of the site

The Spanish Succession first came online in early 2003. The oldest sections are the timeline chapters, which present events in a chronological order. After that came sections about warfare, battles and the economy. Most pages on this site thus date from 2003. In 2004 I made some of the battle descriptions more authorative, especially the chapters about the Blenheim campaign, Oudenaarde and Lille. 2005 saw major improvements in some biographies and the creation of the Turin pages. In the first part of 2006 I further improved the quality of some sections, especially those about politics. In the second half of 2006 I began to use still more primary sources, notably the Heinsius correspondence.

About the technical aspects

The current version of this site uses only html and CSS. The source has three elements in this order: the content (positioned relatively), the left-menu and the right-menu (both positioned absolutely). The z-index property then sets the stack order so the content is represented in the middle. An odd piece of javascript may be lurking around somewhere. The reasons for this is that I want to mimimize the risk that a search engine cannot follow a link. The site has been created using notepad. What I like about hand coded sites are the ease of maintenance and the fact that they at least seem to download easier. The whole side should be valid html 4.01 transitional and at the moment (spring 2008) I'm trying to upgrade to strict html 4.01.

My site and Search Engines

In April 2006 I noted that my site had largely dropped out of the Google index. This most probably had to do with canonical issues and in spite of 301 redirects I've not been able to fix this. Any advice would be welcome.