The Infantry Order Of Battle at Blenheim

Infantry order of Battle at Blenheim

This is the order of Battle of the infantry at Blenheim as based on an old picture named: Front de l'ordre de Bataille de l'armee des hauts allies Campee au Camp de Meunster le 13 aoust 1704 qui marcha le mesme Jour aux ennemis. It has been combined with other sources to give this informative picture. One can compare it with dr. Hare's OOB:

According to Dr. Hare the composition of the allied army was as follows:

14 Battalions 18 Squadrons United Provinces
14 Battalions 14 Squadrons England
11 Battalions Prussia
7 Battalions 22 Squadrons Denmark
7 Battalions 7 Squadrons Hesse
13 Battalions Hannover, Luneburg, Zell and Swiss
25 Squadrons Hannover, Luneburg and Zell
74 Squadrons Imperial, Prussia, Suabia, Franconia, Wurtemberg, etc.