Livesay's regiment of foot, a.k.a. as 12th Foot

Commanded by John Livesay

Norfolk Lee's regiment

On account of the 1685 Monmouth rebellion Henry Howard Duke of Norfolk took it upon himself to raise a regiment of foot for King James and became its first colonel. The Duke of Norfolk did however fall out with James II. While the army was encamped on Hounslow Heath in June 1686 the regiment was transferred to Edward Henry Lee, first earl of Lichfield1. Early in 1686 Lieutenant Moxon of Norfolk's regiment was killed in a duel with Henry Wharton2.

Wharton regiment

The Nine Years War

The Earl of Lichfield was succeeded by Henry Wharton, who left the earl of Lichfield's regiment on 25 November 1688 and got the regiment a few weeks later as a reward3. Henry Wharton then died of fever at Dundalk on 28 October 1689.

Brewer's regiment

Wharton was succeeded by Richard Brewer, but it's rather hard to find when this exactly happened. It was at least before February 1691. Anyway, we have Colonel Brewer's regiment in the 12 July 1691 battle of Aughrim4. The Brewer Regiment was then one of the first to enter Galway after it had surrendered on 21 July 1691.

In Feb 1694 the regiment was ordered to Flanders. In mid 1695 it was part of the 9 regiment garrison of Dixmuiden under the Danish Major-General Ellenberger. He surrendered with the garrison prisoners of war after a two day siege on 27 July 1695. Shortly afterwards the 2 battalion garrison of Deynse under d'Osserel suffered the same faith. A court marshal was then held that sentenced Major-General Ellenburgh to death, broke some colonels and suspended Colonel Brewer for three months. In 1697 the regiment seems to have been in Flanders too.

The Brewer regiment survived the disbandings by being on the Irish establishment from 1699. It was then ordered from Ireland to the West Indies and on 1 July 1702 it was in Jamaica and still paid by Ireland5. Colonel Brewer died in Jamaica.

The War of the Spanish Succession

Livesay's regiment

On 28 September 1702 John Levesay Esq. was appointed as colonel6.


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